The Eryri Orienteering is a North Wales based club organizing various Orienteering events both for the young and the old. There are courses available for the young participants and the elite runners looking to participate in challenging activities. Our club is affiliated to the British Orienteering and the Welsh Orienteering Association. It is mandatory to join both to become a member with us. One of the benefits of joining us is that you get the access to participate in a variety of events like the JK Festival of Orienteering and many more. You also get access to supporter events. Many are organised by old club members but also by new casinos in the UK. Details about the events organized by the club are regularly put up on our website. If you want to support us, please visit out contact page.

Every year we receive a good number of registration applications from people looking to participate in the recreational activities offered by the club. Each of these activities is organized on a variety of terrains like forests, mountains, and urban areas. The club provides a friendly, healthy and safe atmosphere to the participants. The members of the club are given complete assistance and encouragement to choose challenges as per their capabilities. It doesn't matter if you are young or old. The courses offered by the club are designed to suit your needs. The primary agenda of our club is to promote orienteering in various parts of North Wales. Our club is a perfect place for those individuals who love participating in adventures outdoor sports. Joining us as a participant or member you get the added advantage of improving your fitness and navigational skills. Join the mailing list and never miss an event organized by the club.

For those who are new to orienteering, there is much informative content available on our website. The material provides valuable insights into orienteering and its different aspects. It is highly beneficial for those who are new to the sport.

This year our main sponsor is the ever evolving which can be seen on our clothes and flyers. Pay them a visit if you want to play some thrilling games online. Our secondary sponsor is NCAA-ODDS.COM which is owned by the club founder.