Orienteering is an adventure sport where you are required to use your navigational skills and move between two points on unfamiliar terrains. The sport involves both walking and running, and the agenda is to complete the route in the quickest possible time. Sometimes the participants are also given a compass for better navigation. If you are someone who is just starting out in orienteering, the following are some tips that could be of immense benefit.

The first step is to get acquainted about the sport mentally and physically. There are magazines, books and many resources available online to help you get acquainted with the sport. Interviews of the race experts can also be of immense benefit. Some clubs hold training to help people starting with the sport. These are generally conducted on any particular day or the weekend. From learning about race preparation to strategies these training can be of immense benefit. The more time you dedicate for your training the better it is. It is always beneficial to practice navigation before you start. This would help you get used to the various scales and symbols. The navigational skills will be the ultimate determinant of your success or failure. When you start it might be tempting to follow the fellow players. Never trying doing this as you would end up getting lost. Always rely on your skills and self-confidence. Relocation training is another important aspect of orienteering. This helps you find your way in case you get lost. Practicing relocation training frequently helps you get out of a mishap faster. Always plan your race in advance and never try to rush off. Pay attention to the pre-race briefings and other vital information like the out of bound areas and water supply points before you start. Nutrition also plays a vital role like training in orienteering. Ensure that you eat a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins before the race. During the race, high energy bars can prove to be extremely useful. Also, it is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the race.

Venturing out to participate in the sport without any training and knowledge can be risky. Mishaps can easily occur while you are navigating through the unfamiliar terrains. Therefore it is important to understand the rules for a safe journey.