Orienteering is an exciting adventure sport that combines racing and navigation. It is a perfect recreational activity for those who love walking/ jogging and want to improve upon their fitness levels. It is a timed race between a set of control points. During the course, participants are required to use their navigational skills and find the best route. The agenda is to cover the distance in the least possible time. The participants are provided with a detailed map and in some instances, a compass as well to aid in navigation. Orienteering was once a land navigation drill for the military officers, but today, it is a competitive international sport enjoyed by the young and the old.

Getting Started With Orienteering

One of the best ways to get started with orienteering is to look for a local club. These clubs are known to organize various events and training programs at both competitive and non-competitive levels. The former is organized for the elite runners while the later mostly for people who are new to orienteering. Most of the events are carried out in a wide variety of terrains. These can be anything from forests to parks, countryside, and other urban areas. In reality, such urban orienteering programs are a perfect way to start. Usually, in comparison to the traditional orienteering events, these urban ones are more popular. The reasons for the same is that routes in such events are simpler with easy to understand navigations.

Tips To Orienteering

Orienteering might look to be an easy sport without many stringent rules and regulations. However, it is important to have a good understanding of the process, requirements and other such things.

•    One of the primary requirements for orienteering is to dress appropriately. Since it is an adventure sport, easy dressing is very important. Apart from this, a pair of good quality shoes is a major requirement. 
•    Ensure that you check the weather conditions before venturing out for orienteering.
•    Next is the equipment like a compass which could be helpful during the course. Also, remember to carry water if you would be running more.
•    Register for a course depending upon your skill level. There are different courses available for beginners as well as experts.

Once you have honed your skills and are ready to explore different types of terrains, it is about time to hit big. You are prepared to participate in larger competitions as well.