There are numerous types of orienteering events carried out in the UK every year. Details about some of the most common ones are given below.

Introductory Events: As the name suggests these can be classified as the entry level events organized by various clubs regularly. The idea is to introduce people to the world of orienteering. These are also termed as come and try events by many clubs in the UK and have the experienced orienteers helping the others. The membership of the British orienteering club is not a mandatory requirement for these events.

Regional Events: These events are categorized as the next level to the introductory events. Clubs organizing the events will publish the details and the enrollment has to be done in advance. Other information like the start date and time, terrain, facilities available and more are given out shortly before the event. These are considered to be more competitive than the introductory events and you are required to run in your age class.

National Events: These are similar to the regional events on many grounds but are conducted on top quality areas. The scheduling of these events is generally organized by the regional associations. With these national events, one can stand to gain the Championship Badge standard.

British Championships: These are annual events conducted to decide the British Champion in different age classes. Pre-enrollment is required to participate in these events. The British Championship carried out as an individual event on a Saturday and on Sunday is the relay event.

Relays: These types of races are conducted with a team of 3 or more people. The map is provided to the runner is the first leg and all the three start together. The second runner out of the three waits in a changeover pen. One returning from the course the first runner hand over to the second one. These relay events are held every year in the month of May.

Apart from these there are other orienteering events organized by various clubs. The list includes street events, score events, sprint events and some times night events.